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Pure, purest, ultra pure!

Ultrapure media are used in many areas. They occur in ultra-pure technologies such as semiconductor production, solar technology, fiber optics, micromechanics and comparable industries for supply.

The aim of the media installation is to maintain the purity of the medium between the media delivery (Point of Supply / P.O.S.) And the point of entry at the consumer (Point of Entry / P.O.E.) So that the medium reaches the consumer with the required specification.

For over 30 years we have been planning pure media supply and disposal systems for production and research buildings in microelectronics, optoelectronics, microsystem technology, solar technology and nano technology.

We have in-depth knowledge in the planning of process and pure media for the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors.

"Media that come into contact with highly sensitive products - such as in the semiconductor industry or in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry - must be extremely pure. Depending on the requirements, they must neither contain nor release particles, germs or dissolved substances. Safety aspects also play a decisive role due to the use of hazardous gases and chemicals.

CRC has decades of experience in pure and ultra-pure media planning. We are familiar with a wide variety of concepts and solution strategies in the ultra-pure media sector. "

Julia Fackel, Head of Process