General planning

We plan for
the future

EPCM general planning - well-rehearsed processes for perfect results

As general planners, we take care of the building planning and the planning of all technical trades for the supply of the production technology, the processes and the production environment with highly specialised teams. We manage your building project from the basic evaluation to the handover of the building. We always keep an eye on the costs, timing and quality of your building project.

The aim is to achieve an overall optimum through the use of synergies in order to establish highly efficient and permanently optimal supply structures in factories and research buildings.

In close cooperation with the partners involved and through tried and tested processes, we ensure efficient handling as general planners.

Our own construction managers monitor the success

The CRC construction management supervises all work on the construction site, keeps the construction diary, checks the delivered materials and takes over the measurement and invoice checking on behalf of the client.

We stand up for our clients when it comes to adhering to quality, costs and deadlines and ensure the timely occupation of the building.

"As a general planner, we minimise your administrative and coordination costs and provide you with a permanent, experienced contact person. We also take care of detailed coordination, as well as the control of individual appointments.

Our aim is to take the work off your hands and to plan and manage your project in your best interests. With CRC, you have a general planner with over 40 years of experience and an eye for the big picture."

Jakobus von Geymüller, Head of Architecture