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TGA planning for highly technical projects - Our core business

We plan, contract and supervise the execution of technical building services. The more complex and demanding a task is, the more we can play to our strengths in the field of technical planning. No task is too big or complex for our team. We are happy to work together with external project developers or architects.

CRC plans networked in the 3D model. By planning according to the BIM method (Building Information Modelling), we ensure active networking of all participants with simultaneous collision checks, plus clearly defined agreements and standards for processes and interfaces. The result is an efficient, smooth project flow. In our VR Lab, our clients and we ourselves can walk through the spatial model with 3D glasses, experience it and check its usability.

We provide all services through specialists

We provide all services through specialists

  • water and gas systems
  • Sprinklers, extinguishing systems
  • Heat / cold
  • Ventilation systems / clean room technology
  • Heavy current, weak current, NEA, UPS, IT
  • Use-specific and process engineering systems
  • Laboratory planning / laboratory equipment / laboratory technology
  • Ultra-pure gases and process gases, ultra-pure water, chemical supply
  • Exhaust air treatment, waste water treatment, chemical disposal
  • Building automation / MSR
  • Safety systems, gas, leak and fire detection
  • Equipment hook-up

"The more complex a project, the more we can play to our strengths. The networked organisation according to trades with highly specialised experts finds the best solution for every task. I would be happy to advise you on the subject of TGA planning".

Eugen Schmidt, Lead Senior Project Leader