Life Science



The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most important drivers of the economy. At the same time, the sector poses the most demanding tasks for planners, architects and engineers. Our tasks include the architectural and technical planning of production, laboratory and animal areas in accordance with GMP and GLP, the preparation of feasibility studies as well as the new planning and redesign of entire production facilities and research buildings. We will be happy to provide references on request.


Biotechnology places high demands on the technical equipment of buildings. We have proven with completed projects that we have a high level of competence and the know-how to successfully realise biotechnological research buildings.

CRC has extensive experience in planning laboratories of genetic engineering safety levels L1/S1, L2/S2 and L3/S3, standard, cell cultivation and animal laboratories, plant cultivation rooms, phytochambers, (SPF) animal husbandry areas as well as climate and cryogenic chambers and isotope laboratories / radionuclide laboratories.
Modern biotechnology is the basis of many medical research projects. Our clients therefore mainly include institutes and universities.

Medical Packaging

Medical packaging has to meet stringent requirements, including preventing contamination by microorganisms, being suitable for shipping and complying with legal standards - be it packaging for syringes and needles, medicines or surgical instruments. Production takes place in clean rooms with high ISO classes.

CRC plans customised cleanrooms and production buildings for customers in the medical packaging sector.

Medical Technology

With medical technology, together with pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical packaging, we cover the complete range of life sciences.

Medical technology - as part of the health sector - is one of the largest economic fields worldwide. The spectrum ranges from the production of disposable syringes to the construction of artificial organs. In addition, there is research into new procedures and technologies. We support both fields, production and research, with our planning expertise.