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Microelectronics /

The highest demands on technical building equipment and clean room technology characterise projects in the field of microelectronics / semiconductors.

We plan all technical trades for the supply of the buildings and the production devices (equipment) for the production of microelectronic components.

CRC can look back on well over 30 years of experience in this sector in particular. We have planned and realised more than 20 wafer fabs (150 mm, 200 mm, 300 mm) nationally and internationally.

Microsystem Technology / Sensor Technology

The requirements for manufacturing in microelectronics and microsystems technology are very similar. Microsystems technology stands for a large number of different technologies. The spectrum ranges from micromechanics to photonic microsystems. The planning experience we can offer our customers is correspondingly versatile.

Nano technology

The structures in microelectronics have become smaller and smaller in recent decades. This development will continue in the coming years to enable higher performance in even smaller components at lower cost. Research on materials, processes and structures in the nanometre range serves to develop the computer chips of the day after tomorrow. As the size of nanoelectronic devices continues to converge with biological molecules, nanoelectronics and biotechnology could merge in the future. Nanoelectronics could also become useful in the organic sector in the future.

As architects, engineers, clean room and laboratory planners, we are proud to be able to realise institute and research buildings for research in this future-oriented field.

Automotive: battery cell production

It is not only in the course of electromobility that the demand for battery or cell production is increasing strongly, also in Germany.

CRC has been planning battery factories on a large scale since 2018 and is familiar with all production steps from electrode production to cell assembly and formation & aging.

Optical industry: Optoelectronics

Optoelectronics combines optics and semiconductor electronics to convert electronically generated information into light emissions and vice versa. What sounds abstract has long since become part of everyday life. Whether lasers, monitors, computers or optical storage devices, they all rely on optoelectronics.

CRC has been planning clean rooms and entire production buildings for customers in the optoelectronics sector for many years.

Laser technology

Ever higher levels of automation and throughput speeds in today's production lines require tools that meet these demands, even under strict cost and quality aspects. Lasers are very compact in their design and, thanks to standardised and modern interfaces, are very easy to integrate into existing production lines.

Areas of application for lasers are predominantly found in mechanical engineering, the automotive industry and in semiconductor and electronics production. But the advantages of lasers are also used today in medical technology, packaging technology, aerospace and many other industries. Whether in medicine, research, metrology or telecommunications - lasers have become an integral part of our lives and many of the things we use every day would not exist in the way they do without lasers.

CRC Clean Room Consulting has broad experience in the complex planning of production buildings for laser technology and plans, among others, for the technology and market leader in this segment.

Aerospace (new space)

By "New Space Race" we mean the race to develop space technologies. Because these are decisive success factors for processes and products on Earth. The race for technology transfers, spaceports and missions has been reignited. Because future technologies such as autonomous driving and Industry 4.0 are based on innovations that are anchored in space or developed for space.

The interplay of space technologies with science, digitalisation and mobility is already very clear. Satellites are continuously getting smaller thanks to miniaturisation. The possibilities of small, micro and nano satellites offer new potential.

The manufacture of products for the "New Space" sector is complex, as is the planning of the production facilities. CRC brings to bear its decades of experience in planning highly controlled environments.

Photovoltaics: Solar Cell production

In 2002, CRC responded to the increasing investment activity in the growing photovoltaic industry by building up planning competencies for this sector.

This area is another example of the continuous technical and organisational development that has always been a hallmark of CRC.

Our experience in planning and realising construction projects of leading PV companies enables us to offer our clients innovative technical solutions.

Silicon technology (monocrystalline solar cells, polycrystalline solar cells). Thin-film technologies Organic solar cells